Friendship Bracelet Crafting Kit

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Encourage your child’s creativity with this well-equipped crafting kit. Thanks to an illustrated guide, it’s perfect for kids of all ages and skill levels. They will learn how to make unique, beautiful bracelets with their hands. These bracelets are more than just charming accessories; they are a symbol of affection. Each of them can then be shared with friends or loved ones. This kit is also ideal for gatherings, overnight stays, or leisure activities. Kids will strengthen their bond and create unforgettable memories together!


The kit includes:

– Weaving Board & Integrated Storage Case;
– 10 pcs Strings;
– 10 pcs Rubber Bands;
– 10 pcs Heart Clasps;
– 10 Pegs;
– Glue;
– Step-by-Step Illustrated Guide.

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  1. A**********n (verified buyer)

    This is a terrific friendship bracelet set. It comes with a generous allowance of supplies, all of which fit into the included case / weaving board. The included cord is bright, shiny and well made. The included instructions are clear, heavily illustrated and offer lots of different designs to make. The set includes heart shaped bracelet clasps, which help give a polished look to the finished bracelet and allows them to be removable instead of having to be tied on like most friendship bracelets.The only complaint I have about this set is that the instruction booklet is slightly too large to fit inside the locking case / weaving board. Every other item fits inside, but not the instructions. It wouldn’t have been that hard to reduce its size enough that it would fit inside, but since it doesn’t and it’s not a standard size booklet it will be easy to lose. I’m not sure these bracelets are intuitive enough to make without the instructions.

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Friendship Bracelet Crafting Kit
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