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Get your children interested in exploring cooking with these kitchen toy sets!

These Wooden Kitchen Toys will inspire hours of fun cooking with family and friends. These sets are everything your child needs to cook and serve a delicious meal. Playing with utensils encourages imaginative play and develops a love for cooking. Moreover, they also help in establishing friendships and mastering speaking. Most importantly, these toys promote the advancement of cognitive skills, such as paying attention, remembering the names of food, utensils and colours, hand-eye coordination, creativity, and others.

The wooden pretend-play sets feature realistic elements like shakeable salt and pepper and cuttable fruit and vegetable. The true-to-life sounds will increase your child’s imagination and make the playing process more enjoyable. What is more, the toys can be easily painted. This will give your child room for creativity and painting skills. Plus, you will be able to come up with new games using these toys, such as colour memorisation.

These kitchen toy playsets are specifically designed with gentle and rounded corners. They also adopt a smooth and soft finish making them safe and comfortable for small hands to play with. Plus, the size of the toys makes them uneasy to swallow. Plus, these sets are suitable for all kids, including boys and girls, from 3 years.


✔️ SUPPORT COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT — These Wooden Kitchen Toys encourage counting, sorting, imaginative play, storytelling, and fine motor skills.

✔️ PROMOTE REALISTIC COOKING EXPERIENCE — These toys feature small Velco fasteners that mimic the sound of actual cutting. The food pieces can be “cut” apart by kids with a corresponding sound to make the game even more interesting.

✔️ DEVELOP LOVE FOR COOKING — These Wooden Kitchen Toys encourage children to imitate parents cooking for their families, cultivating responsibility and love for cooking from an early age.

✔️ ALLOW TO BE PAINTED — As these kitchen toys are of wood colours, they can be easily coloured by children. It will give room for creativity and give you the opportunity to invent new games using these toys, such as colour memorisation.

✔️ SAFE TO PLAY WITH — These sets are completely child-friendly. The paint finish and sturdy wood construction make these toys long-lasting and safe for kids to play with.

✔️ SUITABLE FOR OVER 3-YEAR-OLDS  — These sets will make an excellent gift for kids of 3 years and up.



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Reviews our customers
  1. M**e (verified buyer)

    My kid is obsessed. High-quality wood.

  2. D***a (verified buyer)

    These are so cute, and they are small enough to fit on my kid’s kitchen. I like these because they’re wood and won’t chip or break easily.

  3. R****l (verified buyer)

    I love this cooking set. It is perfect for my daughter’s kitchen. I especially appreciate the higher quality of this wood product. It also looks much better than any of the plastic stuff out there.

  4. M*****a (verified buyer)

    So beautiful and cute! My son loves it!

  5. C***e (verified buyer)

    Perfect for little hands and a play kitchen. Wood is a little soft which makes it perfect for my little ones.

  6. B***t (verified buyer)

    I highly recommend these! They provide hours of fun and imagination, not to mention coordination training.

  7. H*****r (verified buyer)

    This is honestly the best purchase I made for my little one’s kitchen. They’re not so small but also not too big and heavy. Perfect size!!

  8. V**l (verified buyer)

    The wood is of amazing quality, it doesn’t chip or break. Safe enough for play too!

  9. W***y (verified buyer)

    This set does not leak, crack, or splinter. I love it! It fits perfectly in the hands of my toddler.

  10. I***e (verified buyer)

    My 3-year-old daughter loved her new set! She can’t stop playing with it

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Wooden Kitchen Toys
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