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Do you want to feel better vibes in your room? Elegantly drape your walls with this Boho Moon and Star dream catcher!

While for some, the dream catcher is a mere decorative element with ancestral airs, for others, it is an essential spiritual tool. The dreamcatcher is also a powerful protective talisman. You can use it to protect yourself from negative entities, bad dreams, and nightmares. These Boho Moon and Star dream catchers also have the meaning of praying for peace and bringing good luck. They can collect all the energy in the house and separate it: the bad things are trapped in its webbing, and the good vibes are spread all over the room where the person sleeps. Moreover, our dream catchers make people fall asleep quickly.

Macrame wall hangings are made of 100% pure cotton cord, which is eco-friendly. Our dream catchers are carefully handcrafted to ensure strength and durability. They will firmly retain your good dreams and let the bad ones slide away. The colour will never fade, so the decorations can last the whole season and continually be used next year. In general, the best place to hang a dream catcher is the ceiling of the room and the head of your bed. This way, all other objects that fill your room will be prevented from interfering with their powers and overloading the energy.

On the other hand, the higher the dream catcher is, the more natural light it will receive from the window. As long as the room has natural light entrances, you should look for the highest and brightest point of the room for the best position for a dream catcher. It is believed that sunlight is beneficial for cleaning a dream catcher. Sun helps to purify it from all the evil that it absorbs and leaves it ready to function afresh during the night to follow. You may place this talisman over the bed, sofa, cradle of your baby, or somewhere in front of the window.


✔️ BRINGS GOOD LUCK & PROSPERITY — There is a round hole in the middle of the net. It is said that only good things can pass through the hole and stay behind the feathers, and the bad things will be trapped in the net and then will disappear with the sun rising.

✔️ PROTECTS FROM NEGATIVE ENERGY — As a talisman, it will protect you and your home from negative energy.

✔️ PROVIDES RESTFUL SLEEP — The dream catcher ensures your restful sleep and protects you from nightmares.

✔️ MAKES YOUR HOME MORE ATTRACTIVE — This gorgeous hand-made dream catcher is much more beautiful and unique than the pictures. It is an excellent interior and wall decoration that will make your home more attractive.


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Night Sky, Cascade, Chain, Mandala, Dream Catcher, Leaf, Sun, Tassels, Wave Set, Braids Set, Braids, Black Crystal, Wave


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  1. D**d (verified buyer)

    Bought this dreamcatcher for my son. Said sleep improved! Thanks!

  2. S*a (verified buyer)

    These fairy lights are pretty at night?

  3. C****a (verified buyer)

    Perfect addition to our room!

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